Back So Soon?

When Rachel and I came back from Tanzania we knew Guatemala was where the Lord wanted us to go. 2 days after getting back from Tanzania we began planning a second trip back to HOL. Returning to HOL for a 2 week trip was the next big step in moving forward with the ministry.

Written by Rachel Pouchot:

My heart is filled with joy as I think about all God has done and taught us during our most recent two weeks in Guatemala at Hope of Life. As an organized ‘get it done’ type of person, it drives me crazy to leave the country on a visionary mission trip with no schedule of events, no meetings nailed down and no activities established. Faith is something God has been asking of me recently. He called me to step out in faith, to let go of my need to organize and control this trip and trust that he had a good plan already established.

In Psalm 18:25 God’s word says, “To the faithful you show yourself faithful.”

God’s word is true. As I look back on both of our trips to Guatemala, God has been faithful to establish and organize every meeting and activity that was important for Michael and I to experience. It is my joy to share some of those experiences with you.

I love adventure! The exciting experience of standing in the back of a cattle truck, being jostled back and forth, while flying up winding dirt paths on the side of the mountain to reach a hidden village, where I have no idea how people get food and water or anything else up to these villages. I enjoy the opportunity to bless a mother who has sick children with medications to care for them.  I love the smile on a child’s face when I paint a colorful butterfly or a mighty scorpion on their arm. I can’t hold back a smile as I swing a jump rope and see 5-year-old children burst into laughter at the joy of successfully jumping 3 consecutive times. I treasure the opportunity to watch my husband teach about discipleship at a youth gathering. Most of all I love the opportunity God has given Michael and I to disciple youth who are desperately in need of salvation and the knowledge that God not only loves them but desires to have a relationship with them and to use their lives for his glory.

Even though there were so many things I loved about this trip to Guatemala I was surprised to find that I did not experience any significant emotional tug on my heart. Honestly, I was a little sad and confused to begin with, but the more I contemplate all that I have experienced I praise the Lord for the lack of emotions. I have been able to think clearly and to analyze my desires and my hearts alignment with God’s will rationally. As I observe the needs in the orphanage, hospital, and church at Hope of Life my thought process has not been swayed by overwhelming emotions and I have solid confirmation that this is where God is calling Michael and I.

What did Michael and I do during our trip in Guatemala?

Michael and I were blessed with the opportunity to meet with the founder and directors, of Hope of Life who were able to answer many questions and provide a clear picture of what preparing and moving to Guatemala would look like. (more information about these details will be provided in our next post.) Michael and I were apart of three World Help medical clinics in rural mountain villages of Guatemala. during the clinics Michael and I helped run the pharmacy we mixed and packaged medication and gave instructions for medication usage to the people. I also assisted with activities for children during the medical clinics where I happily painted faces for endless hours. I also took on the challenge of teaching the girls how to make friendship bracelets without being able to speak Spanish, I am proud to say it was successful!

God blessed Michael and I with a free day during out trip where we filled out our application for Hope of Life, this was no small feat the application a turned out to be 25 pages in length…whew glad that’s over with. Michael and I also completed a mandatory psychology exam.

Besides that, we spent time sitting down and meeting with the majority of the long-term missionaries serving at Hope of Life and getting a glimpse of real life in Guatemala and how to best prepare. Probably my favorite activity was just playing with the children in the Village of Transformation which is the orphanage. All in all, God blessed us with an incredible vision trip, answered our questions, provided new experiences and spurred on our growing passion for the calling he has given us.

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