Choosing Hope of Life

Friends and Family,
Rachel and I are overjoyed to share with you the next HUGE step in our lives. As we hope we have communicated well, you are aware that we are seeking full-time missionary status. Well, today we announce what only few know. We are pursuing Hope of Life International located in Zacapa, Guatemala.

In a short amount of time we have traveled to both Guatemala and Tanzania searching for where we would fit best. We have been evaluating ourselves, our skills, passions, gifts, desires and calling. And we have been evaluating the places we have visited, what are there needs, where would we fit, do they have a place for us. After considering these things, it seems rather clear that Guatemala is the place for us to go.

So we have begun filling out applications, sending lots of emails and figuring out the details of when and how! Continue to partner with us in prayer! We will be back in Guatemala for 2 weeks from November 3rd thru the 17th. This is a vision trip of showing the ministry leaders our vision and desires. We will be turning in our applications. As well we will immerse ourselves as much as we can into the community and ministry that is already there. We will continue to form relationships with the staff and other full-time missionaries as we seek guidance and counsel for the next steps of our lives.

Some might be curious as to what we are seeking to do with Hope of Life. Well, let me tell you! Hope of Life has expressed that they are in need of Discipleship (for all ages) and youth ministry.  There are other needs but these are the two areas where Rachel and I fit most. And there is no telling what else we will get our hands into. There are tons of kids on the ministry grounds and in the rescue village and there is little offered for them to grow spiritually. Our goal is to fill that void and furthermore train up disciples of all ages. Our current dream and vision is to make ourselves no longer needed for those two areas at HOL. Our desire is to raise up Guatemalans that can handle ministering to the youth and to make disciples who will also go on to make disciples! Some other opportunities that we are aware of are ministering to the many American families who serve with HOL as well as partaking in family style orphan care and raising parentless children in our home.

Thank you for all of your love and prayers! Pray all the more as we continue to find even more direction!

Michael and Rachel Pouchot


5 thoughts on “Choosing Hope of Life

  1. WOW!!! Michael and Rachael!!!! How thrilling!!!!! Blessings in the busy days ahead!

    Joe and Pat Baer

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  2. I don’t know you guys, but I am praying for you!! Having served at HOL and still very much in contact with the full time missionaries there, I am so grateful you are pursuing God’s call. You are needed there!!! The youth captured my heart last year and when I was frustrated that I wasn’t the one called to be there full time, a dear friend reminded me that sometimes passions are burned on a person’s heart so they can cry out to God on others’ behalf to bring an answer to the need. God is good, and He answered! Looking forward to seeing what you create there and how blessed the HOL community will feel by you. Praying for protection, favor, and full funding for you both!!

    1. Woah! thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer even though you don’t know us!
      We are incredibly thankful. Thank you also for seeking the Lord and serving with HOL. Every trip, short or long, has a purpose so long as we are doing kingdom work!

  3. So happy to hear. I had a feeling this is were you would end up:) Love seeing God matching your gifts with the needs there.

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