One Month of Answered Prayers

Tears blurred my eyes, “I can’t read my bible like this.” I thought to myself with a twinge of defeat and anger. My head throbbed and the pain in my neck seemed relentlessly, but I was not going to let them steal my sweet morning time with Jesus again. I left the house for a prayer walk. Suddenly, I found myself praising the Lord for singing birds and big shady trees. Distracted from my pain and frustration I began to pray for everything that came to mind. Here are a few of those prayers God vividly answered within the week.

I prayed for the Lord to provide extra financial blessing help cover all of my neck therapy and doctor’s appointments. I am currently seeing two different specialists and I believe for out of all the doctors and therapy I’ve been through in the past 4 ½ years these two may actually help me improve. Only four days later a friend messaged me asking if I needed help covering doctors bills for my neck and expressing that she would like to help if that was a need. What a quick and specific response! Thank you Lord for always being my provider. 

Rachel and Michael with Pastor Mark

Recently I have been feeling sad because it had been over 6 months since I heard anything from pastor Mark. Michael and I had the privilege of having Mark as our Swahili translator when serving in the medical clinic and teaching at the pastoral conference in Tanzania. After hearing Marks testimony and serving alongside him for 2 weeks Michael and I have strongly considered naming our first son after him. I began to pray for Mark’s wellbeing. I asked the Lord for confirmation that Mark was truly the man of God we believed him to be and for solidification of the conviction and desire Michael and I had to name our first son after him. I specifically prayed that Mark would respond to my message within the week. Five days later Mark responded to my message! Mark shared the adversities he faced and spoke passionately of God’s faithfulness. As I read the message my heart was overwhelmed and ecstatic, God answered my prayer completely leaving me with no doubts. Thank you Lord for confirmation and encouragement.

I have prayed quite a bit recently for God to help me have the time, ability or whatever I need to have a basic foundation of Spanish before we move to Guatemala and find myself fully immersed. I have been discouraged in my Spanish studies and feeling like I was stuck in a rut. The next day my sweet friend Caroline who teaches English as a second language and is fluent in Spanish offered to give me Spanish lessons. I couldn’t imagine a better Spanish teacher than Caroline, I finally feel like I understand enough to study on my own again. God is so good to hear my prayer and to answer quickly and perfectly. Thank you Lord for bringing me help and comfort to my worrisome thoughts.

Driving home from one of my spanish lessons with Caroline I told the Lord, “I blew it! I didn’t contact one of my special friends. I’ve been in town an entire week and forgot to let her know I was in town and plan a time we could catch up and encourage each other.” I felt like a horrible friend. I asked the Lord for his miraculous provision to fill in for my failure and make as a way for me to see this friend. As I prayed this prayer I noticed someone standing by a shelterless bus stop in the pouring rain. As it thundered I felt sad and asked the Lord to bless that person. Glancing once more as a passed by I realized that was my FRIEND I had just been praying to see! Turning the car around I picked her up. Since she had just gotten off work I took her home and we played a few games and had dinner together. Well God works in miraculous and unexpected ways! Wow! God thank you for filling in the gaps when I fall short and blessing me with undeserved grace!

“Keep praying, keep listening, keep looking my daughter, for I am near.” I felt the Lord encourage my heart this week. My whole being bubbled with joy and energy as I thought about how clearly I could see God working on my behalf this last week. It is easy to get discouraged when you pray for something for years and don’t receive the answer you hope for. But it is in these precious moments when God reaches down and says, “ Here I am.” that hope renewed, faith is strengthened, and my heart desires to burst into a song about how much I love and trust my Savior.

For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
    and his ears are open to their prayer.
But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”

1 Peter 3:12

5 thoughts on “One Month of Answered Prayers

  1. I look forward to your blogs and reading about the wondrous ways God has blessed ya’ll this time. Congratulations on having a girl in your womb! Their so much fun !! I continue to pray that churches and others will sponsor.

  2. What a beautiful and encouraging post! He is always faithful, and as I continue to see, this remains true, even when His timing is not our own. I’m so thankful He’s the One in control! Thank you for sharing your heart so openly, Rachel. I miss seeing you and hope you are feeling better. Love & hugs to you & Michael & your wee one on the way! ♥

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