One Small Step

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong.

Maybe it is strange to use the quote of an astronaut jumping out of a spacecraft onto the surface of the moon to start this update. But I find it rather fitting and maybe I can convince you of the same.

Rachel and I’s silence on our blog is due to my (Michael’s) inability to see just how far our small steps have been taking us. We have been blinded by the routine. Our day to day over the past few months has not seemed to change much. Go to work, invest in our local ministry, plan for Guatemala, maybe have a support raising meeting, sleep and eat. These few things sum up our days over the past few months. And while God has been at work I must admit I have not felt an overwhelming surge of dramatic changes as we get near to our new mission field.

It has just been small steps.

And oh boy how nearsighted I have been

Our last few months have been nothing short of a giant leap!

In fact I started writing this update in Cincinnati Ohio from an Airbnb that was given to us free of charge because of the work we are doing for the Kingdom of Jesus. Every day has been but a small step and yet here we are 159 days of small steps since our last post in December.

Those 159 small steps have taken us much further than I have noticed and I am eager to share with you where we are now (especially if you haven’t heard much from us over the last 159 days).

I will make this simple with a list. Here is what’s new:

  • We have completed 100% of the paperwork needed for Hope of Life
  • We have been 100% approved to join the HOL team as full-time missionaries
  • We have our account setup with HOL and are capable of receiving financial support
  • We have everything we need to move to Guatemala and be setup for success
  • We fully packed up our house and brought everything to HOL headquarters at the end of April.
  • We have been raising ministry partners in Williamsburg, Newport News, Yorktown, Lynchburg, Tampa, Cocoa Beach and Ohio. We have spoken at 2 churches and are scheduled to speak at 1 more.
  • We have built up a team of individuals who have agreed to partner with us and provide advice for our marriage, life, ministry and individual walks with Jesus.
  • We have individuals stepping up to take leadership of our home fellowship in Lynchburg, VA.
  • We enjoyed a week long vacation that we budgeted for months ago. (It was supposed to be our last hoorah but we still have more support raising to do).
  • FInally, while we are still in the thick of support raising, everything seems to be on target for officially leaving for Guatemala some time in August.

All of these things came to fruition by taking one small step at a time. And may there be no confusion. I notice I have used the word “we” as I’ve described what’s new. God has been faithful. All that we could possibly boast in is only made possible by the faithfulness of the great and mighty God we serve. Why He has chosen to use any of us is beyond me, but I am humbled and I will continue to follow Him one small step at a time so long as He leads.

So thank you all for continuing to pray. Please don’t stop praying. Continue to pray for us as we move forward. Our next few months are still littered with small steps to be taken. One day at a time. And what awesome practice this is.

I was recently counseled by an elder to be observant of my current circumstances. To be aware of what it is the Lord may be teaching me. And 1 lesson that has been made clear is that Rachel and I are in a time of preparation. Not only are we preparing financially and physically for leaving. But also Spiritually and mentally. When we arrive on the mission field in Guatemala we will need to tackle each day one step at a time. Day to day it may not seem like much. But before we know it we will turn around, look back at where we came from, and realize just how far the Lord has taken us on this journey with him.

Thank you for continuing with us in faithful prayer and support.
To help keep all those who support us informed I would like to include some details about where we are and where we expect to be over the next few week as well as include some prayer request.

(April) we were in Cincinnati Ohio attending a conference put on by Back 2 Back Ministries where we gained knowledge on how to work with kids from traumatic backgrounds, specifically kids who are orphaned or in foster care. All our belongings were brought to Rhode Island in April. As of the beginning of this month (May) I have received an update that the shipping container has left for Guatemala. At this moment we are in Florida speaking at churches and raising support. The last 2 weeks of May will consist of cleaning and moving out of our current house. Following moving out of our current home will throw us head on into support raising. It is our last and final task to complete before heading to the mission field. Most of our time will be spent in Lynchburg, Williamsburg and NC.

So how can you be praying for us? Pray for:

  • Safe travels (we have thousands of miles of driving to do over the next few months). I have already driven 4,000 miles since April 1st.
  • The hearts of the Guatemalan youth. That God would begin to work in their hearts now and that they would be receptive to the powerful message of Jesus.
  • Our hearts. We must be diligent to remain humble and seek the grace of God every day. We are not above reproach. May we seek the face of Jesus every day as we encourage others to do the same.
  • The hearts of those we are meeting with over the next few months. Our desire is that those who choose to support us financially do so out of obedience to God and for no other motive or reason.

Thank you for staying connected with us! If you ever have questions or comments you can always reach either of us by email:
(if you would like our phone number just let us know!)

With love,
The Pouchot Family
Michael and Rachel

Lastly, everyone loves pictures! so here are a few pictures of what we have been up to!

Christmas vacation with Roose Family

We got to go on a cruise!!
Rachel’s favorite part of the whole cruise…. The monkey
Okay, fine…. The monkey was my favorite too!!
My family here in Florida!

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  1. Praying that there will be a hedge of protection around you both as you minister and hearts will be softened to the word. God Bless you both we will keep you lifted in prayer

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