Michael rachel and Evelyn Pouchot

Michael and Rachel have both had a heart for evangelistic mission work and youth from a young age.

As early as 4 years old, Rachel told her mother she wanted to have an orphanage in Africa! Michael became a Christian at the age of 14 and found himself on the mission field of Senegal, Africa just one year later. In the early phases of their relationship Michael and Rachel would regularly ask them selves if they would “serve God better together than apart.” With their mutual desire for children, unique aptitude to work with youth and their individual calls to missions, they came to believe that they would indeed be able to serve God better together than apart. Michael and Rachel married in June 2016 and were finally led to begin making their move to the mission field in March 2018. 

More About Michael and Rachel

Ministry in Guatamala

The Lord worked in intricate ways ultimately leading them to Hope Of Life International in Zacapa, Guatemala in July 2018. There, Michael and Rachel saw a need to reach the orphaned and at risk youth in and around Hope of Life. In September of 2019 the Lord allowed them to move onto Hope of Life campus and begin working with the youth that reside on Hope of Life’s campus creating a Jesus-centered discipleship process for the youth that is effective in their culture and will continue to sustain with or without them. Their goal in using the skills and gifts God has given them to establish youth outreach at HOL took a unique turn along with the rest of world during the pandemic in 2020. Despite set backs and quarantines both Rachel and Michael were able to cultivate relationships and organize discipleship based activities for the children and youth at Hope of Life. They are thankful for the Lords faithfulness and blessing during their time of ministry and Guatamala.

Recognizing Our Call to Colorado?

Michael & Rachel learned alot about them selves while serving in Guatemala. Particularly, they learned where they thrive best and where their spiritual gifts are used to their maximum potential.

Native missions are natural and the normative for missions. The best person for reaching Guatemalans is another Guatemalan. Likewise, the best person for reaching an American is another American. This very truth is the reason their mission in Guatemala included raising up native leadership to continue the ministry when they left. Now they are returning to the states to minister to the people they know best, Americans.

The heart’s desire of the Pouchot family is to maximize everything they have for the Kingdom of God. With their gifts of evangelism and hospitality they have come to know that they will serve God best in Colorado.

Fun Facts About Us 😀

Michael and Rachel love spending time with their friends and family. They enjoy cooking, working out, taking Evelynn to the park, going on walks, hiking, playing disc golf, dancing, and planning events. They very rarely do these things alone as discipleship is a key theme in their life.

Adam And Ashley Roberts Church plant Partners

Adam and Ashley Roberts – Our Church Planting Partners

The Roberts felt called to Colorado in early 2019. Soon after they felt called, they contacted the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and began their journey to start their mission. Soon after that, Adam and Ashley were taking vision trips to Colorado, meeting with planting pastors, meeting with NAMB employees and developing their plant strategy. In late 2020, the Roberts were approved by NAMB to be official NAMB planters in the Colorado Springs region. 

Fun Facts About Adam and Ashley

The Roberts enjoy a wide variety of activities and hobbies. They enjoy playing sports, rock climbing, volleyball, board games, and many others. They love to take small get-aways to continue to invest in each other. They also love to host others in their home, cook meals for those around them, and be active in the community and those who are willing to spend time together. Adam has a degree in Religion from Liberty University, Ashley has a degree in Psychology. They have both also received training from NAMB and The Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia. Adam has had experience in ministry for over 18 years and pastoral ministry for 4 years. Ashley has been in ministry for 10 years.