Settling into a Rhythm

Well that last four months have flown by! Michael and I have settled into our new home at Hope of Life in Zacapa Guatemala unexpectedly smooth. We would like to share a little peek into our daily life with you.

Settling in…

If I had to give the first three weeks, after we arrived at Hope of Life, a title it would be “21 days of unending blessings”. 

We arrived at Hope of Life after dark to find our new house clean, a fridge full of food and bed made and ready for our exhausted bodies to fall into. After hearing horror stories from almost every single missionary family of their first few weeks and even months here at Hope of Life, I was in disbelief. What a blessing it was to have a house already set up before the arrival of our baby, who was expected in just 4 weeks. Not only that, but having a house meant we had a kitchen which saved us from having to walk up and down 310 steps to the Rancho (cafeteria) before and after every meal.

Within our first two weeks at HOL Michael and I had people come by and hang kitchen cabinets, a group of youth helped paint two rooms in our house, and our living room and dining room fully furnished. We also set up our bed which we hadn’t slept on in 6 months… it truly felt like Christmas! 

The living room before…
and after!

The blessings continued as God provided us with a reliable vehicle for half of what we were prepared to spend. We purchased the vehicle from another missionary family and had the joy of sharing stories and encouraging one another.

And then, the little things I prayed would happen before our baby arrived like having screens in our windows, air conditioning,  and the ability to take a hot shower happened literally between the baby’s due date and the day she actually arrived. What can I say? But I serve a God who listens, cares and has confirmed, 100 times more than I even asked, that this is where Michael and I are supposed to be right now. I praise him for his provision, guidance, protection and I am overwhelmed by how much he has done for us.

A peek into my daily life…

Right now, (well, before the covid-19 quarantine) a typical day for me is mostly occupied by caring for our precious baby girl. Being a mom is by far my favorite job I’ve ever had. Evelynn has almost doubled her birth weight in just 8 weeks, she is starting to smile lots and she almost never cries. Michael and I are beyond blessed to have such a perfect baby. 

Outside of caring for the baby, you can find me swinging a jump rope, playing uno, kicking a soccer ball, making friendship bracelets, or painting fingernails with the kids here at the orphanage. Even my best attempt to communicate in Spanish with the kids makes them laugh; I’m sure my spenglish is quite comical.  These are simple activities I try to get outside and do at least 3 afternoons a week because loving on, and getting to know, and sharing life with the children here is how making disciples begins.

All of the children adore Evelynn

One of the highlights of my life and ministry here at HOL is teaching worship dance again! I just started teaching two classes this week. Over half the kids on the dance team act like they don’t care and are difficult to instruct, but I didn’t expect it to be easy and I accepted the challenge. Thankfully I have a daughter of one of the American missionary families on the dance team who loves dancing and is happy to help translate for me while I teach. I am excited to see how God will use dance to impact the lives of these kids and the people watching.

My favorite part of each week is Sunday night fellowship. Michael and I open our home to all the missionary families here at Hope of Life for worship, a time of sharing, and prayer. Sunday evening has become a time of encouragement, relaxation, and inspiration to continue serving the Lord passionately. Michael and I have been truly blessed to find ourselves surrounded by people with real faith, who are sold out for the Lord. We have been warmly welcomed and already feel like we have real family here at Hope of Life.

Sharing a meal together

Well, I meant to post this blog over a month ago, but I suppose “better late than never” is a timeless saying for a reason. God is good, he is providing for all our needs.  We continue to seek the Lord’s guidance as we learn how to serve him effectively in this new place. It has been a joy to start to settle into a rhythm. It is my hope that this peek into our lives will encourage you to choose to look for and rejoice over the ways God is working in your life and blessing you.

Extra pictures…

Unpacking boxes

More setting up the house
Michael helping some boys fix their bike
Evelynn, when she was just one day old!
6 weeks old!
My favorite baby pic so far!
Snuggles with daddy

4 thoughts on “Settling into a Rhythm

  1. Soooooo sweet! I’m so glad God is using you both in such awesome ways. Thank you so much for sharing, it brings us great joy. We know baby-hood is awesome and we hope you enjoy every minute with her. It actually only gets better – wait until she’s an adorable little 2-year-old saying the cutest things and wanting to ‘ring-around-the-rosie’ nonstop :). lots of love, ~AP

    On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 2:44 PM Michael & Rachel Pouchot wrote:

    > Michael Pouchot posted: ” Well that last four months have flown by! > Michael and I have settled into our new home at Hope of Life in Zacapa > Guatemala unexpectedly smooth. We would like to share a little peek into > our daily life with you. Settling in… If I had to give t” >

  2. Every picture, every confirmation of God’s blessing, every video. They all mean so much. Love them all because we love you all so berry berry much. Can hardly wait to hold, hug and pinch that little bundle of joy !! And I don’t know what name Dan has picked out for himself, I got dibs on Papa, unless Michael is papa already !

  3. God Bless You!!! So thankful for your lives and your beautiful new baby girl❤️❤️❤️. How do people send you abundant sharing?
    Chrissey T

  4. So sweet to read about the blessings God continues to shower upon your lives. Love seeing pictures of your first born child!!! Besides prayers for your health, protection from the enemy and safety, what other needs do you have?

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