The dream God fulfilled in the middle of a Pandemic

Hearing a whisper I looked up to see six big brown eyes staring at me through the window. Irritation tempted me to go finish the nap I had recently been enjoying or open the door and holler, “Espera en el comedor, por favor, or I’m not coming outside to teach dance class.” I couldn’t figure out how to complete the statement in spanish. Continuing to tie my shoes, I glanced back at the window and our eyes locked.  I saw so much excitement and anticipation.  Suppressing a smile was impossible. That’s when I asked God to help me love these girls the way He does. 

God is not irritated when we knock on the door, peer through the window, or constantly seek His attention. He is honored. As I strapped Evelyn into her carrier, I told myself, “It is an honor to be wanted. Embrace it.” 

Seconds later, bombarded with hugs and surrounded by smiles I felt the last little bit of Grinch in my heart melt away. Standing tall, feet hip width apart, I leaned to the right and watched as 12 girls followed suit. I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be! Then I realized, I am living the dream birthed in my heart 10 years ago… Someday I want to be a missionary working in an orphanage and I want to teach all the girls worship dance, because there is nothing more wonderful than being able to worship the Lord with your entire being.” My heart filled with emotion: my dream is happening in THIS exact moment!

“Do you remember the bible verse we learned yesterday” I wanted to ask, but all that came out was “la versiculo?” Immediately, they shouted, “Alaben su nombre con danza! Salmo, ciento cuarenta nueve y tres!” (Let them praise His name with a dance. Ps. 149:3) I was blown away. After being asked by these girls everyday for the past month what my baby’s name is, I expected memorizing a bible verse to take at least that long. Giving out high-fives, I thanked God in my heart for this spark of hope and encouragement.

Ten weeks have gone by since quarantine began here in Guatemala, and with the exception of weekends, I’ve taught dance everyday. My students have learned 2 ½ dances and they dance for “la gloria de Dios!” (the glory of God). My attempts to give instructions in spanish often elicit laughter, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to practice and learn more. I treasure the opportunity to build relationships with the sweet girls here at Hope of Life. I’m thankful for how the Lord has used teaching dance to work in my heart and teach me too. I praise the Lord for something that gets me out of the house everyday during the quarantine even if it means cutting my nap short. 

What has God taught you in the last 8-10 weeks of quarantine? 

Heavenly Father, your word says that you work all things together for the good of those who love you. I’m holding on to that promise right now, for everyone walking through this quarantine. Show them your goodness and love even in the midst of so many unknowns and uncomfortable situations. AMEN”

-Rachel Pouchot


Team Raquel! I feel so honored 🙂

3 thoughts on “The dream God fulfilled in the middle of a Pandemic

  1. Thank you so much for the humorous and inspirational message of hope. You are so honest and transparent with both the good and not-so-good, so I appreciate the insight into the work God is doing through you’all! Go Evelynn, for being such a wonderful assistant teacher!

  2. So moving… brought tears to my eyes. God is so amazing. Thank you for this reminder. Sending love to you both! ♥

  3. I too enjoy reading your updates and honest thoughts. Love that dance has brought you closer with the young girls. God’s continued safety, good health and protection while you thrive through the work God has in store for y’all.

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