The Journey Begins

Dear family and close friends,

Hi, it’s the most recent college grad Michael Pouchot and his incredible wife Rachel here with an exciting life update that we would like to share with you!

To keep a long story short, we want to share that medical school is no longer our current pursuit, despite the fact that it has been for the past 4 years. So, what are we doing now? Rachel and I are now pursuing full-time missionary opportunities.

That essentially sums it up! Our life dream has always been to pursue missions, and we thought medical school would be the means to get us there. However, through consideration, and primarily through deep convictions, we discovered that medical school wasn’t really our desire nor conducive to the life we felt God calling us too.

For those of you who like things simple, short and to the point don’t feel compelled to read any further! But, for those of you who would enjoy getting some more insight on how we came to that decision and would also like to know where Rachel and I are headed next then keep on reading. I promise to keep this condensed and to the point.

How things changed:

           Ultimately, this change has been a slow creeping process for us. Looking back, we both noticed how our hearts were never 100% focused on getting into and completing medical school. We were constantly and easily distracted by the smallest of things, especially anything ministry related. In fact, my MCAT score, though acceptable, took a hit because I spent more time ministering to the neighborhood kids then I did studying.

           However, there was one particular day when all these small things piled up inside my heart and seemed to explode in one gigantic change of heart that I couldn’t overlook. I was working with my church’s youth group and listening to the youth pastor teach on Matthew 13 as convictions started to reveal themselves. It was the parable of the sower that got me thinking and got me asking questions about how I could better be living my life. I was contemplating what kind of “harvest” was present in my life and what would be my “harvest” over the next few years. When I got home from the youth service I began to type out my convictions so I wouldn’t forget them, little did I know that when I started typing I wouldn’t stop typing for another 5 pages worth of convictions. one conviction after the other of what God desired for our life. As I just said, there were 5 pages of convictions so I won’t share all of that here. Although, I am more than happy to share it with anyone if they are truly curious.

           I will sum it up with this: Going to medical school would be good, we’d have a great life and do great things. BUT going right into the mission field would be great, better even, and we would have the life we truly believe God has been calling us to. This of course may not be true for everyone, but it sure is for us!

What is next for us?

               2 things are critical for us over the next year. The first is getting rid of all our debt. We have almost finished paying off all our consumer debt. What’s next is the $27,000 stacked up from school loans over 4 years. With us both working full-time with amazing jobs we expect to have this paid off in no more than a year. Maybe a little more if a baby shows up! (ps, no Rachel is not currently pregnant).

              The second important thing for us to figure out is the who and were and how of long-term mission work. Where are we going to go? How do we get there? What organization will we go with? How does any of this stuff even work? We have lots of questions to learn the answers to. Thankfully I have loads of resources, mostly people, to help us out. I have recently been doing video calls with missionaries all over the world! And they have given Rachel and I boat-loads of direction and help! Another way that Rachel and I are finding answers to those questions is by going on short-term mission trips.

                We will be headed to Guatemala in July for 1 week to evaluate a potential long-term need there through an organization called Hope of Life International. And then we will spend 2 weeks in Tanzania (South East Africa) working with a group called Advancing Native Missions where we will be helping run a medical clinic for 300 pastors from all over Tanzania. Again, I am keeping things short but I’d be more than happy to expound on the work we will be doing for anyone who is interested!

What we are hoping to get from you: 

                Let’s face it we all know these kinds of messages come attached with a rant about why you should give us money to support us. But this message doesn’t have that! Rachel and I have well-paying jobs and we are not in any financial need from anyone at this time!
What we need is PRAYER. As much as you can give. We still expect to be here in the states for a year or so and we have many questions to find the answers to! Please mention us in your bible studies, put our names on your churches prayer boards, and above all pray for us personally!

What can you pray for:

  • Where we should be going long-term (This determines so much! What language to learn, culture to learn, habits to start forming, organizations to speak with.)
  • What organizations should we be looking to partner with?
  • How are we going to support ourselves when we do finally hit the mission field?
  • What can we be doing right now to prepare?

Thanks for reading this far! And thank you for supporting Rachel and I in this decision and for praying for us.

Please know that we are open to any and all advice and we would love to catch up with anyone who would love to know more. And we would love to learn from those who know more!

We love all of you and thanks for listening!
Michael and Rachel Pouchot

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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