Thoughts on this year…

I find myself ending my first year as a missionary in the United States instead of Guatemala.  I am continually being reminded that ministry can be done in many different ways. (If you are wondering, we will be returning to Guatemala in January. I am both excited and ready to return.)

I am learning to stop basing my self worth off of accomplishments, or the idea I’m doing something good, worthwhile, or big enough. I repeat this quote often,

“God has not called me to be successful. He has called me to be FAITHFUL.” – Mother Teresa 

Serving the Lord in Guatemala this year has been exciting, new, and everyone naturally treats it as amazing. Even without seeing all the great changes I hoped for, it was easy to feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. 

The last two month I spent most of my time either catching up with supporters, spending quality time with my siblings, or listening, supporting and being a friend for my mom. With seven kids still at home (most of them teenagers), homeschooling and ministry her life, although abundant, is busy and stressful. It has been an unexpected yet precious season. Although simply being a friend and listening ear doesn’t seem huge or glamorous, I am leaning no limit can be placed on its value. 

Me, my Mom, and Evelynn

This month (November) I’ve been spending time with my sister Beth who is expecting her second baby in 3 months. Her husband is working full time and spending every spare minute on renovating a camper. Which will be their new home in three weeks. Although it’s always been one of their dreams to have a mobile home for traveling, they never expected to have to move into one right now. Helping my sister pack up, prepare to move and spending time sitting on the floor playing with our babies together has been so special. I am certain I will look back on this month spent “simply living life with my sis and our babies” and treasure it forever. 

I can hardly believe we both have babies!

Somewhere in the middle of all that, we got to spend time both Michael’s Mom and Dad. Evelynn is their first grand baby so it was an extra exciting time. We also had the opportunity to get all of Michael’s siblings together in one place for the first time in several years. It was a crazy, but super special little family reunion.

With Michael’s brothers and sister

Some days I think what am I doing with my life? I am supposed to be a missionary in Guatemala and I have nothing to show for the last 3 months. But the truth is this isn’t my life, I don’t have to have great works to show off. This life I have is God’s and I am created to point to Him, to bring Him glory. So whether I’m loving the fatherless in Guatemala, listening and encouraging my mom, packing boxes with my sister, or playing with my baby doesn’t matter. 

I never imagined my first year on the mission field ending  with me in being US. I never considered what it would look like to have a pandemic during my first year in Guatemala. I honestly have never ever thought or imagined what it would be like to experience a pandemic in my lifetime.

Here I am in a situation I never dreamed of, seeking, surrendering, and serving, the Lord. No matter where I am or what task is before me, I always have the opportunity to do ministry, to point to Christ which is all I need to both be and believe my life holds worth and is successful.

I encourage you to think about what makes you feel successful and valuable. Then take a few minutes to pray and ask the Lord, “Am I trying to find my worth and success in the right place?”

Lot's of pictures, because I love pictures!
Shopping! Evelynn and her cousin Oliver.

This pic is blurry, but it captures what our time together was like so perfectly that I just had to post it. We did a lot of work with babies strapped to our backs!

With Michael’s Mom
With Michael’s Dad
My Mom when she got to have both her grand babies together for the first time.
My Dad and Evelynn
Evelynn’s first hiking trip with her Aunt and Uncles.

During the spelling quiz Evelynn took every pen and pencil out of the bucket 🙂

One thought on “Thoughts on this year…

  1. It is amazing to see you all grown up and now have a child of your own. What a blessing too is the fact that your faith is all the greater because of all that God has given to you and required of you! Blessed, so blessed to hear of your calling to missionary work. A thankless job in some cases, but the rewards are indeed amazing when you see the fruit of your labors come to fruition! And the joy that is in your hearts to continue that path! May the Lord continue to enlarge your tent!!

    I enjoyed reading this as well as seeing all the photos. My love to you and your family. God bless you all this Christmas season and in the year to come! Protecting you from this horrid virus that has assailed the earth, but also in giving you mouths that will speak the word of LIFE and LIGHT to many more who are lost in the dark!

    God bless you always and forever!

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